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feed the animals

there's more to living than being alive

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working hard to get my fill, everybody wants a thrill

"hi my name is"-tags, 3oh!3, ____-n-____ foods, adventures, american apparel, anything out-of-the-ordinary, blair's headbands, bright nailpolish, chuck bass, chuck/blair, clothes, dancing in the car, danger, disney goodness, dj skeet skeet, dressing up, driving pointlessly, everything bagels, fashion, getting lost, getting scared, ghetto earring, girl talk, god, going out, gossip girl, highway races, jewelry, lil wayne, makeup, mashups, metalics, milk, mitchell davis is love, mom met lil jon=greatest, photo booths, polaroids, re-organization, ridiculous rings, serena's hair (at times), sports, sports medicine, starbucks, swimming, switchfoot, urban outfitters, wu-tang, yelle, younglife